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...is an independent non profit foundation exploring the intersection of arts, culture, education and technology.

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Aardvark Arts...

...is building a network of performance makers, producers and critical thinkers who are making work that crosses boarders and brings people together. Our artists employ games, rituals, traditional songs and dances, and multimedia performances in their vibrant storytelling to foster a more thoughtful and substantive community.

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Weekend Workshops and
Online Studio

This fall the The Wroclaw Children's Museum is re-launching its creative studio for all ages. Workshops are organized in English to give both children and adults from around the world a safe space to connect and create.

Weekend workshops are available for children ages 7-9 and begin on October . The workshops being offered include Kazoos and Ukes, English Book Club, and Bizzaro Video.

Online Studio classes in creative thinking will be offered for children 10-13. These classes are designed to spark creative thinking and reinforce digital competencies. Classes include How to Make Stuff, We ❤️ Video and Young Readers Club. All participants of online classes will receive a free subscription to unique digital tools, and video participants will receive a subscription to an online video editor (a combined value of over 1000zl.) Click here for more information.

Fun Family Festival July 9

On Saturday July 9 we will be hosting the Fun Family Festival at high school number XVII. This is the culminating event of Creative Summer session 1 and will include a performance, fashion show, newspaper special edition release, concert, screening and exhibition. Activities begin at 10:00.

Creative Summer !!!

Creative Summer is back for its third season! We got the approval from the department of education to run from June 26-July 29. We have two sessions this year. Our classes include We Are Designers, Dig It (garden + art club), Theater of the Absurd, Game On!, Kazoos and Ukes and many more... Please sign up at creativesummer.org

Story Center Closed

Our library and exhibits are closed to the public until health officials give the “all clear.” Please stay safe, wear masks and wash your hands! See you soon.

All ages creative studio

The Wroclaw Children's Museum is launching a creative studio for all ages. Events are organized in English to give both children and adults from around the world a safe space to connect and create. All ages (6+) are invited to sign up for weekend workshops which begin on February 2. The workshops being offered include handmade art crafts, a juggling group and piano lessons. At the end of the 9 week season, participants will help build an exhibit for display in the museum and take part in a culmination event. Click here for more information.

Library grand opening

On Saturday December 14, our collection of books will be made public at the Grand Opening of the family lending library housed within the Wroclaw Children's Museum and Story Center. At the core of the Story Center is a commitment to use stories to inspire learning and develop a lifelong passion for reading. Fairy tales, folk stories and classic children's books are used as a way to practice English and to learn about other cultures.

Holiday performance

This December, come sing along at the Wroclaw Children’s Museum and Story Center. “No More Christmas Carols!” is an English performance designed for children ages 6+. The event is an excellent engaged activity for English learners. The show premieres on December 15 and is happening each Sunday at 10:00am.

Story Center Premiere

The Story Center is back! Througout the school year we will be embedded in NAVIGO the Center for Innovative Education. On Saturday October 5, 10:00am we will celebrate our premiere with the Wonderland Workshops as part of the Dziecinada International Children's Theater Festival. For more information follow us on Facebook. To make a reservation click here

Hamletta Encore

The young artists who created and presented Hamletta will be remonting their performance in the Dziecinada International Children's Theater Festival. We will present our work as part of the open air offerings in Grabiszyński Park at Górka Skarbowców on Sunday, October 6.

Enroll now for Shakespeare Club

This year we have two Shakespeare Clubs. This is an afterschool drama club that focuses on the stories of Shakespeare. Children use a digital learning journal throughout the year to record reflections and track their progress. In the spring the whole group travels to England for an immersive learning adventure. The project concludes with a Shakespeare in the Park festival of plays. Our groups meet on Wednesdays 15:45-17:15 at WIS/ATUT or on Fridays from 16:00-17:30 at ASW. Please email Shakespeare@aardvarkarts.org for more info.

Story Center is back...

This year we will be bringing back the Wroclaw Story Center. It is a library, museum, performing space, and art center for people of all ages to practice their English and expand their creative thinking. We will have a Grand Opening in October - Stay tuned!


Creative Summer

Kreatywne Lato...

...is an arts camp for children ages 7-15 conducted in English. It is also a cultural exchange for artists, teachers, and creative thinkers from around the world. This summer we will be celebrating our 4th season.

Children can choose from art, creative writing, dance, drama, journalism, music, photography, sports, tech, textiles, AND video.

Creative Summer 2021 is running from June 28 - July 24. There is limited space. There will not be any fees or contracts to sign until we are sure that we will be permitted to hold in-person meetings. To help with our planning, please reserve a place for your child.

Shakespeare Club...

...had to close down this fall and we do not have any new performances this year. This spring we are now offering Shakespeare Workouts both online and in parks and open spaces. If you are a teacher at a school please get in touch to book your English class for 40 - 90 minute sessions. We will create a program that fits your needs.

shakespeare club wroclaw

Story Center...

The Wroclaw Children's Museum and Story Center has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. We are looking for our own space to host the international family library and to have year-round exhibits, performances, and workshops. Keep an eye out this fall for new cultural offerings online and in person at a school or cultural center near you!

Creative Winter...

...is coming back in 2022. Keep your eyes locked here or on our Facebook page for more details.

shakespeare club wroclaw

Arts & Culture...

... are important ingredients in developing creative thinking and empathy. We can deliver a bespoke arts program at your school designed to expand student’s appreciation of traditional arts and and cultural diversity. Chuseok, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hinamatsuri, and Marzanna are enjoyed at interactive assemblies where there might be singing, dancing, music, storytelling or games.

About us

In 2013...

Fundacja Aardvark Arts began as a platform for creatives who are making artwork that crosses borders and brings people together. When cooperating with artists, the foundation serves as a producing entity or consulting agency. Groups that Aardvark Arts has supported include: Odra Ensemble, Jubilo Project, and Studio Matejka.

In 2015 the foundation started partnering with other non profit education institutions. TheaterLab for the Foundation for International Education (Fundacja Edukacji Międzynarodowej) and Prospectus are two activities which combined theater making and English learning for students ages 8-15. In 2016 Shakespeare Club continued this exploration of blending a creative activity with a learning opportunity. In 2018 Aardvark Arts ran the first edition of Creative Summer | Kreatywne Lato – a summer arts program and cultural exchange. This fall Aardvark Arts will open the Wroclaw Story Center – a performance space and children’s library housed at NAVIGO Center for Innovative Education.

We love...

...technology here at Aardvark Arts. Not as a toy but as a tool. It has so much power and potential to connect and to create.

Fundacja Aardvark Arts is a non profit organization which operates several projects under its umbrella including TheaterLab, Shakespeare Club, Creative Summer, Creative Winter, Weekend Workshops and the Wroclaw Children's Museum and Story Center. (That's who "We" are.)

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...technologię w Aardvark Arts. Nie jako zabawkę, ale jako narzędzie. Ma wielką moc i potencjał, by łączyć i tworzyć.

Kiedy weszło w życie RODO (GDPR), wydawało się zdrowym oddaniem władzy konsumentom. Daje Wam kontrolę nad Waszymi danymi, które ma organizacja i sposobem, w jakim się z Wami kontaktuje. Ta strona wyjaśnia nasze stanowisko, czekamy na informacje od Was na hello@aardvarkarts.org Przedstawiamy narzędzia, z których korzystamy, by informować Was o naszych projektach i mierzyć interakcje na naszej stronie.

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Kiedy publikujemy reklamy na Facebooku, możemy używać danych o odbiorcach, by pokazywać Wam reklamy oparte na Waszych odwiedzinach na naszej i innych stronach na Facebooku.Polityka prywatności Facebooka informuje szczegółowo o wykorzystywaniu danych użytkowników na platformie.

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Rozporządzenie o Ochronie Danych Osobowych (General Data Protection Regulation) to prawo regulujące przetwarzanie danych osobowych wprowadzone w Unii Europejskiej.
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Jeśli nie bierzecie udziału w naszych projektach, jedyne co od Was mamy to adres email. W przypadku uczestników projektu i opiekunów dzieci, naszych współpracowników i kontaktów awaryjnych, przechowujemy dane w folderze. Są to dane, które nam udostępniliście w procesie rejestracji online. Naszym celem jest zadbanie o bezpieczeństwo uczestników, sprawny przebieg projektu i spełnienie wymogów prawnych. Nie zarabiamy na Waszych danych. Jeśli chcecie, żebyśmy je usunęli, wystarczy dać nam znać! Usuniemy je, za wyjątkiem tych wymaganych przez prawo.

Dla uczniów korzystających z Seesaw: można zrezygnować z członkostwa w tworzonej przez nas społeczności uczącej się kreatywnie, ale praca, która powstała przed rezygnacją pozostaje częścią pracy stworzonej przez grupę.
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Dziękujemy za Wasze zaangażowanie!

Dziecinada Festival

Shakespeare Club presents
A Midsummer Night's Dream
October 6 2018, Park Grabiszyński

Shakespeare Club Dziecinada

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The performance and workshop are located at Jastrzębia 18-20, Wroclaw. The closest bus stop is Racławicka (szkoła) and Hallera is a 5 minute walk.

The Wonderland Workshop, Wroclaw Story Center, Shakespeare Club and Creative Summer are all projects of Fundacja Aardvark Arts. To learn more, check out our website.

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Aardvark Arts...

...는 국경을 넘나들며 사람들을 하나로 모으는 일을 하는 공연 제작자들과 비판적 사상가들로 구성된 네트워크를 구축하고 있습니다. 이들은 보다 사려 깊은 공동체를 육성하기 위해 활기찬 스토리텔링에 게임, 문화, 전통 노래와 춤을 사용합니다.

아래로 스크롤하여 프로젝트에 대해 자세히 알아보세요. 뉴스레터에 등록하시려면 아래버튼을 클릭하세요.


2013년부터 저희는…

국경을 넘나들며 사람들을 하나로 모으는 예술작품을 만들고 있는 창의적인 사람들을 위한 플랫폼으로 시작되었습니다. 예술가와 협력할 때 재단은 제작 법인이나 컨설팅 대행사의 역할을 합니다. Aardvark Arts가 지원한 그룹들은 다음과 같습니다: Odra Ensemble, Jubilo Project, 그리고 Studio Matejka.

2015년부터 저희는 다른 비영리 교육 기관들과의 파트너십을 시작했습니다. 국제교육재단을 위한 TheaterLab (Fundacja Edukacji Międzynarodowej)과 Prospectus는 8-15세 학생들을 위한 연극 제작과 영어 학습을 결합한 두 가지 활동입니다. 2016년에 셰익스피어 클럽은 창의적인 활동과 학습 기회를 혼합하는 탐구를 계속했습니다. 2018년에 Aardvark Arts는 여름 예술 프로그램 및 문화 교류 프로그램인 Creative Summer | Kreatywne Lato 를 처음 운영했습니다. 이번 가을 Aardvark Arts는 NAVIGO 혁신 교육 센터에 공연 공간과 어린이 도서관인 Wroclaw Story Center를 개관할 예정입니다.


크리에이티브 서머는…

Creative Summer...

...7-15세 어린이들을 위한 예술 프로그램이기에 더불어 전세계의 예술가 그리고 창의적인 사상가들을 위한 문화교류입니다.

전 세계의 예술가들이 애니메이션, 예술, 창작 글쓰기, 무용, 드라마, 저널리즘, 음악, 사진, 스포츠, 기술 및 비디오 분야의 어린이 워크숍을 이끌고 있습니다.

크리에이티브 서머2020은 6월 29일부터 7월 25일까지 운영됩니다.

웹 페이지를 방문하세요

셰익스피어 클럽은…

...공원의 셰익스피어 - 어린이들이 준비한 어린이들을 위한 2가지의 무료 공연을 선보였다. 9세에서 12세의 학생들은 ‘로미와 줄리엣’ 그리고 ‘햄릿에’ 대한 그들만의 각색을 준비했습니다.

가을에 다시 시작될 셰익스피어 클럽을 기대해주세요. 세가지 막으로 나눌 프로젝트는 제 1막- 상상력 확장과 자신감을 키우기 위한 연극 게임, 제 2막- 셰익스피어 이야기를 읽고 장면 상상하기, 그리고 제 3막- 영국에 있는 셰익스피어 생가를 방문하여 Grabiszynski 공원에서의 공연을 위한 리허설을 합니다.

페이스북의 셰익스피어 클럽을 팔로우하여 최신 소식과 내년 그룹에 대한 정보를 받아보세요 (2020년 9월 ~2021 봄)

shakespeare club wroclaw

이야기 센터는...

...브로츠와프의 여러 재단과 파트너십을 맺고 2020년에 진행될 대규모 프로젝트를 준비하고 있습니다. Fundacja 우크라이나 및 Centrum Ukrainskie Kultury i Rozwoju와 첫 파트너십을 맺었습니다.

최근에는 책, 음악, 장난감을 가지고 이상한 나라의 앨리스 공연을 했습니다. 낭독이 끝난 후 우크라이나 예술가 Людмила Безусько와 함께 모자장수 워크샵을 진행했습니다. 아이들은 그들만의 모자를 만들었습니다.

저희는 모든 아이들이 낭독을 통해 접해야할 많은 책들이 존재한다고 믿습니다. 그러기에 세계 각국에서 최고의 어린이 동화를 수집하여 폴란드로 가져오고 있습니다. 이제 이야기 센터는 음악, 연극을 통해 이 동화들을 나눌 방법들을 계획하고 있습니다.

예술과 문화는…

...창의적인 사고와 공감을 개발하는데 중요한 요소입니다. 우리는 학생들이 더 많은 전통 예술과 문화적 다양성을 접할 수 있도록 고안된 맞춤형 예술 프로그램을 학교로 찾아가 전달합니다. 추석, 디왈리, 추수감사절, 히나마쓰리, 그리고 마르자나등의 세계 각국의 명절은 노래, 춤, 음악, 스토리 텔링 그리고 게임과 함께 즐겨집니다.

크리에이티브 윈터는…

...2019년 1월 28일부터 2월1일까지 진행됩니다.

성공적인 여름 예술 프로그램을 바탕으로, 우리는 8세에서 15세 사이의 어린이들을 위해 일주일간의 워크숍과 수업을 준비했습니다.

프로그램은 영어로 진행되고 언어 지원을 위해 폴란드 원어민과 함께 4:1의 학생대 교사비율을 가지고 있습니다. 수업은 다년간의 경험을 가진 국제적인 예술가들과 선생님들에 의해 주도되고, 어린 견습생(16~20세)들도 함께합니다.

자세히 알아보아요

shakespeare club wroclaw


모든 연령대를 위한 창의 스튜디오.

브로츠와프 어린이 박물관은 모든 연령대를 위한 창의적인 스튜디오를 출시했습니다. 행사는 전 세계 어린이와 성인 모두가 연결될수있도록 영어로 운영됩니다. 2월 2일부터 시작되는 주말 워크숍에 모든 연령(6+)을 초대합니다. 워크샵은 수제아트공예, 저글링, 피아노 레슨등이 있습니다. 9주 시즌이 끝나면 모든 참여자들은 박물관에 전시할 전시회를 만들것입니다. 자세한 내용은 여기를 클릭하세요

도서관 개관.

12월 14일 토요일, 브로츠와프 어린이 박물관과 이야기센터 내에 있는 가족 대출 도서관에서 저희가 모은 동화들이 공개됩니다. 이야기 센터의 핵심은 동화를 통해 영감을 받고 열정을 키워나가겠다는 다짐입니다. 동화, 민화, 고전 아동 도서를 통해 영어를 연습하고 다른 문화에 대해 배워보세요

공휴일 공연

올해 12월 브로츠와프 어린이 박물관에서 함께 노래해요. “No More Christmas Carols!”는 6세 이상의 어린이들을 위해 준비된 영어 공연입니다. 행사는 영어를 배우는 학생들에게 훌륭한 활동입니다. 쇼는 12월 15일에 시작되며 매주 일요일 오전 10시에 진행됩니다.

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이야기 센터가 돌아왔습니다! 학교 일정에 맞춰 일년 동안 NAVIGO 혁신 교육 센터의 일부로 활동할 예정입니다. 10월 5일 토요일 오전 10시에 프리미어를 Dziencinada 국제 어린이 연극 페스티벌의 Wonderland 워크샵과 함께 즐겨봐요. 더 많은 정보를 원하신다면 페이스북을 구독하세요. 예약은 여기를 클릭하세요.

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햄릿타를 만들고 선보였던 젊은 예술가들이 Dizeincinada 국제 어린이 연극 페스티벌에서 공연을 리메이크 할 예정입니다. 10월 6일 일요일 Gorka Skarbowcow의 Grabiszynski Park에서 진행될 예정입니다

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//Creative Winter//
>>Kreatywna Zima<<

...is running from January 28- February 1, 2019.

Based on our successful summer arts program, we will be offering one week of workshops and classes for children ages 8-15.

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Creative Winter

art matters now


What is Creative Winter?

It's a solution to the problem of not enough creative thinking in schools. Creative Winter is a week long art program in Wrocław for children 8-15, where they get to choose what to make and explore.

Noontime Show

Who runs it?

The program is run by Aardvark Arts, a non profit foundation exploring the intersection of arts, culture, education and technology.

Last year we started Creative Summer - an international month-long arts program. Watch our video about what we do and why we think creativity is so important.

What will students learn?

The focus of the program is to foster creative thinking. Through a wide variety of classes we teach students "creative moves" that can be used for any project or assignment.

the departments

Why is it in English?

Grammar books will only get you so far. We think learning English through creative play is the best.

We have a 4-1 student-to-teacher ratio and small classes for personalized attention. Every class will have a Polish speaker as a teacher or apprentice.

When does it take place?

The program runs during the Wrocław public school holiday from January 28 – February 1. Classes are from 9:00-4:30 each day. Students may arrive at 8:30 and stay until 5:00.


What does the program cost?

It's expensive. Our main cost is the team. We work with professional artists from Poland and abroad; teachers who have extensive non formal education experience; emerging artists who show talent, potential and passion for working with young people; and young apprentices who have a creative spirit.

Discounts and pricing

First 10 enrollments get 25% discount. 750zł per student

Next 10 enrollments get 15% discount. 850zł per student

Creative Winter enrollment fee 1000zł for one student, one week

Camera Ready? Sound? Action!

Where is Creative Winter?

The program is hosted by Autorska Szkoła Podstawowa NAVIGO on Sudecka 98, Wrocław.

How do we sign up?

We hope you are excited. We hope you think this is an exceptional offer. We hope you will join us this winter. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas. creativewinter@aardvarkarts.org

Czym jest Kreatywna Zima?

To odpowiedź na problem niewystarczającej ilości kreatywnego myślenia w szkole. Kreatywna Zima to tygodniowy projekt artystyczny we Wrocławiu dla dzieci w wieku 8-15 lat, w którym mogą wybrać, co chcą robić i odkrywać.

Noontime Show

Czyj to pomysł?

Program prowadzi Fundacja Aardvark Arts, organizacja pozarządowa zajmująca się obszarem, gdzie zbiegają się sztuka, kultura, edukacja i technologia.

W 2018 roku otworzyliśmy Kreatywne Lato- międzynarodowy miesięczny program artystyczny. Obejrzyj filmik pokazujący, co robimy i dlaczego uważamy, że kreatywność jest taka ważna.

Czego nauczą się uczestnicy?

Program skupia się na wspieraniu kreatywnego myślenia. Poprzez szeroki wachlarz damy uczestnikom zestaw “kreatywnych narzędzi” które można wykorzystać w każdym projekcie czy zadaniu.

the departments

Dlaczego po angielsku?

Książki do gramatyki są od gramatyki. Wierzymy, że nauka angielskiego przez kreatywną zabawę jest najlepsza.

Na 1 prowadzącego przypada 4 dzieci, pracujemy w małych salach, dajemy spersonalizowaną uwagę. W każdej grupie będzie nauczyciel lub stażysta mówiący po polsku.

Kiedy odbywa się Kreatywna Zima?

Projekt odbędzie się w czasie ferii zimowych we Wrocławiu od 28 stycznia do 1 lutego 2019. Zajęcia prowadzone są od 9 do 16.30. Uczestnicy mogą być z nami od 8.30 do 17.


Ile kosztuje program?

Jest drogi. Główny koszt to zespół. Pracujemy z artystami z Polski i zagranicy, z nauczycielami o szerokim doświadczeniu w edukacji pozaformalnej, młodymi utalentowanymi twórcami z potencjałem i pasją do pracy z dziećmi i młodzieżą oraz kreatywnymi stażystami.

Ceny i zniżki:

Pierwsze 10 zapisów otrzymuje 25% zniżki. 750 zł za osobę

Kolejne 10 zapisów otrzymuje 15% zniżki. 850 zł za osobę

Pełna opłata za uczestnictwo w Kreatywnej Zimie to 1000 zł za osobę.

Camera Ready? Sound? Action!

Gdzie odbywa się Kreatywna Zima?

The program is hosted by Autorska Szkoła Podstawowa NAVIGO on Sudecka 98, Wrocław.Gości nas Autorska Szkoła Podstawowa NAVIGO przy ul. Sudeckiej 98 we Wrocławiu.

Jak się zapisać?

Mamy nadzieję, że to dla Was ekscytujący projekt. Mamy nadzieję, że uważacie, że to wyjątkowa oferta. Mamy nadzieję, że dołączycie do nas tej zimy. Zapraszamy do kontaktu i dzielenia się pytaniami i pomysłami. creativewinter@aardvarkarts.org

Why arts?

Creativity is a skill that anyone can learn. It's not limited to people who are gifted. It's not only valued in the arts, but also other fields as well such as business and science. Our program is unlike anything in Poland and promises to be the highest quality of developmental activity. ART MATTERS NOW!